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This site is provided as a service to the VistA open source community. OSEHRA is working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to become the official site for FOIA VistA download. While awaiting that approval, we are keeping this site current and inviting our users to utilize it. If you would like to receive automated notification of file updates on this site, please click here for notification registration.

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[TXT]WEBN-1P1_SEQ-1_PAT-1.TXT02-Jun-2014 10:29 11K
[TXT]WEBN-1P1_SEQ-2_PAT-2.TXT13-Jul-2015 10:24 5.7K
[TXT]WEBN-1P1_SEQ-3_PAT-3.TXT07-Mar-2016 09:30 11K
[TXT]WEBN-1P1_SEQ-4_PAT-4.TXT21-Nov-2016 07:41 11K
[TXT]WEBN-1P1_SEQ-5_PAT-5.TXT07-Aug-2017 08:49 6.3K

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